Making Our Mark

Our Support During COVID-19

Our Support During COVID-19

COVID-19 impacted lives and livelihoods around the world. At Cox, our commitment to lead by example has guided every effort we’ve undertaken to keep employees, customers and communities as safe as possible while reimagining our business operations across industries and continents. This required quickly moving our employees to an entirely virtual environment, connecting people to essential resources, and launching — or expanding — products and services to provide business clients and customers with everything from reliable internet access to home services for auto dealers to keep their businesses running at the height of the pandemic.

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As the crisis was unfolding and we were learning more about it every day, it was essential that we act quickly to provide help where it was needed most. The Foundation didn’t hesitate, and we were able to make a real difference that will have a lasting effect in our communities.

Nancy Rigby, President, Cox Foundations

Supporting the Safety and Well-being of Our Employees

After the onset of the pandemic, we expanded healthcare benefits by offering free- and reduced-cost access to virtual doctor visits, free COVID-19 testing and enhanced prescription benefits for employees. We launched a host of new wellness programs and policies intended to reduce stress and create more balance between our home and work lives. Additionally, CERF, our Cox Employee Relief Fund, expanded assistance to support employees facing unexpected financial hardships brought on by COVID-19, providing more than $688,000 to nearly 500 employees across the U.S.

Supporting the Safety and Well-being of Our Employees

The James M. Cox Foundation: Supporting Our Communities

By donating more than $13.8 million in grants to support COVID-19 relief across the country, the James M. Cox Foundation became one of the largest corporate donors based in Georgia. From March to December 2020, the Foundation focused its resources to address the devastating impact of the pandemic, with major investments in four key areas:



Provided nearly $8 million to help hospitals and health centers care for more than 2.3 million people in 12 states, in addition to funding technology to sanitize gowns and masks for seven hospitals 


Helped feed more than 8 million people in 17 states and 19 hospitals and provided meals for first responders through grants of more than $3.5 million


Provided housing support to almost 7,000 people through grants totaling $1 million


Funded childcare for 1,000 children of frontline workers per day and created virtual learning opportunities for more than 100,000 students through $1.3 million in grants

COVID-19 response from our businesses

COVID-19 Response From Our Businesses 

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