Social for Sustainability


Cox Enterprises credits employee engagement as an important contributor toward the company’s Cox Conserves sustainability goals.

If you don’t believe it, ask Corporate Responsibility Manager Tyrene Hodge, who leads employees as they make a difference in Cox communities through volunteerism and charitable donations.

“At Cox, we have very ambitious goals to send zero waste to landfill by 2024 and be carbon and water neutral by 2044,” said Ty. “While the company is putting a lot of time and funding toward these goals, it’s our employees who are on the ground every day participating, engaging and implementing sustainable practices.”

Cox uses many tactics to garner employee participation, but social engagement has proven to be particularly successful. The company’s internal employee engagement platform called Cox Conserves and You challenges employees to live sustainably through fun and engaging activities and campaigns.

The company’s most recent campaign – called Hug-A-Mug in celebration of Valentine’s Day – has been very successful. Employees were asked to send a selfie with their favorite reusable mug, tag a colleague who should participate and then commit to always using a reusable mug. In just two weeks, more than 1500 employees have participated, completing 5,128 sustainable actions. The campaign will continue to run through the end of the month.

“Instead of filling up with a disposable cup, we’re asking employees to cut the waste by bringing their own reusable mug,” said Cox Enterprises Environmental Sustainability Analyst Mia El-Hamaki. “This campaign is particularly special, because employees get to showcase their personalities and interests through their unique mugs while also conserving. It’s a fun campaign with real, tangible results.”

Cox Enterprises believes that becoming more green in the workplace and at home is only possible if people are educated on best practices and encouraged to get started. 

Read Cox Enterprises’ feature in Eco Office Gals to learn more about other fun ways that the company engages its employees in sustainable actions and conservation. 


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