Ray Torres

Cable customers have come to know Cox for its superior customer service. And in Orange County, California, customers have come to know Ray Torres by name.

Ray Torres inside photoThe Cox Communications technician has the highest Net Promotor score in the company — 85.7 percent, compared to the average score of 55 percent. The secret to his success comes down to treating customers with dignity and respect.

Ray, who has provided 19 years of service to Cox, always listens carefully to his customers’ concerns and what they have to say before he jumps in to offer solutions. He makes a point to always adhere to common sense manners and values.

During his visits, he puts his booties on over his boots. He says “please” and “thank you.” He keeps customers apprised of his progress. And, at the end of the job, Ray always asks customers if there is anything else he can do for them before he departs. Then he always tells them to have a great day on his way out.

“Nobody wants to have a service technician come to their door,” said Ray. “I try to make the experience as positive as possible for folks.”

In April, Ray and his wife, May, traveled to Atlanta to receive the first Governor James M. Cox Award given to a CCI employee. CEO Alex Taylor presented the award.

Ray and May live in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, with their three children Jason (age 22), Grayson (age 4) and Jameson (age 1 ½.) 

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