This is Everything We Stand For

Our Why

Our Why

Empower People Today to Build a Better Future for the Next Generation

Cox has always been committed to taking care of our employees, serving our customers and improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. WHY we do this, WHY we come to work every day, is What We Stand For. It comes from our past, is grounded in our history and serves as our “North Star.”

We’re here because those who came before us were dedicated to building a better future, and we’re committed to doing the same for the next generation.

Our Hows

Our HOWs are our guiding principles. They provide direction for each of us so we can be at our best and bring our WHY to life.

Do the right thing. Always.

Lead by example

Bring out the best in everyone

Make a little music

Do it all in the spirit of Cox

Our Hows
Our Whats

Our Whats

Our WHATs are the products we sell and the services we offer. Our WHATs change over time, but our WHY and HOWs remain consistent.

Identify & invest in growth & diversification

Delight our customers

Honor our commitments

Develop & incorporate new technology

Improve financial security

Our Vision

Our greatest people working together to solve the most pressing problems of the time.