Life, Long-Term Disability and Supplemental Insurances

Insurance offers peace of mind to you and your loved ones and support when it’s needed the most. When you select the benefits that are best for you and your family, consider these additional insurance options.


Life Insurance & Disability

We provide a basic level of life insurance with the option to purchase additional coverage for you and your dependents. The basic life insurance provides 1X your base pay with the option to purchase up to 7X your base pay.

When you elect employee and/or dependent life insurance, you receive an equal amount of accidental death and dismemberment coverage. It provides additional benefits for accidental injuries, including the loss of a limb, eyesight or death due to an accident. A Statement of Health may be required to purchase additional life insurance.

Through our partnership with MetLife, employees enrolled in supplemental life insurance can meet with an attorney to prepare or update a will, living will and power of attorney for the employee and their spouse or domestic partner through MetLife Legal Plans. Employees can also take advantage of for free online will preparation service.

Also through MetLife, Cox provides full-time employees with a basic level of long-term disability insurance of 60% of base pay with the option to purchase 66.67% of base pay during enrollment.

Full-time employees who have worked for Cox for at least six months are eligible for short-term disability at no cost.

Supplemental Insurances

Medical plans pay doctors and hospitals directly for costs related to your care. But they don’t cover 100% of the cost, leaving you to cover the remainder. They also don’t cover other expenses – such as daycare, rent and more – that may become challenging should a health event require you or a family member to miss work.

HOSPITAL INSURANCE provides a preset benefit payment for select expenses related to a hospital stay. Choose from basic or enhanced coverage. Learn more on Inside Cox.  

CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCE provides a lump-sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a covered illness like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease or lupus. Coverage for pre-existing conditions is excluded. Choose from basic or enhanced coverage. Learn more on Inside Cox

ACCIDENT INSURANCE provides a preset benefit payment if an accident occurs — anything from a broken arm to a hospital admission. Choose from basic or enhanced coverage. Learn more on Inside Cox

These benefits are paid directly to you and can be used however you choose, e.g. for out-of-pocket medical costs, routine bills or unexpected personal expenses. Enrollment is guaranteed, and benefits are not reduced by medical or disability insurance benefits, or other sources of income.