Sustainability Initiative

Environmental stewardship is playing an increasingly important role in the procurement decisions of both large corporations and small businesses. Through our Cox Conserves program, we create positive environmental changes in our communities by operating in ways that reduce our impact and inspire our employees, customers, suppliers and partners.  

Additionally, we adhere to Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP) which refers to the procurement of goods and services from suppliers that employ manufacturing and distribution processes that have a lesser or reduced impact on the environment when compared with competing suppliers that provide the same goods and services.

Our EPP Principles

Cox Enterprises supports the following specific EPP principles:

  • Reduction of the amount of energy and water in manufacturing and distribution;
  • Affirmative actions to prevent the creation of air and/or water pollution and waste products;
  • Minimization of packaging and the use of materials or processes which compromise the environment;
  • Availability of recycled and/or recyclable content in products and packaging, and other remanufacturing opportunities (including use of materials that are non-toxic, durable, reusable and/or bio-based; device remanufacturing; take-back provisions and other re-use strategies; support for surplus equipment and supplies policies);
  • Investment in the use of alternative energy sources for manufacturing and distribution;
  • Use of sustainable and renewable raw materials;
  • Support of organizations that extend the life of surplus equipment and supplies; and
  • Transportation practices that are environmentally friendly.

Supplier Selection

EPP principles will be weighed with other quality, service and total cost components in supplier selection. Whenever possible, preference will be given to suppliers that adhere to the above EPP principles.  In addition, preference will be given to the local or regional production of goods and services when price, quality, and delivery method are equal among competing suppliers.

In submitting a proposal, suppliers should include information about its willingness and ability to support the sustainability initiatives of Cox Enterprises. Specific questions will be asked as applicable by our Sourcing team. Additionally, as a condition of any award, the supplier will be required to provide annual data on specific sustainability metrics via a Supplier Sustainability Survey. Learn more about our Cox Conserves program.