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Corporate Leadership


James C. Kennedy

Chairman, Cox Enterprises

Alex Taylor

President and Chief Executive Officer, Cox Enterprises

Dallas Clement

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Cox Enterprises

Jill Campbell

Executive Vice President, Chief People & Operations Officer, Cox Enterprises

Pat Esser

President, Cox Communications

Kim Guthrie

President, Cox Media Group

Sandy Schwartz

President, Cox Automotive



Luis Avila-Marco

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development

John Bell

Vice President, Information Systems Engineering

David Blau

Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development

Barry Campbell

Vice President, Aviation

Neil Campbell

Vice President, Employee Experience Transformation

Mark Dawson

Vice President, Information Technology Business Solutions

Randy Earley

Vice President, Audit Services

Maria Friedman

Senior Vice President, Tax and Treasury Services

John Hatfield

Vice President, Aviation

Roberto I. Jimenez

Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Carol Larner

Vice President, Investments

Andrea Lawson

Vice President, Talent Management and Diversity

Joab M. Lesesne III

Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Government Affairs

J. Lacey Lewis

Senior Vice President, Finance

Anne Lofye

Vice President, Real Estate

Mark Mansfield

Vice President, Newsprint Supply

Keith Mask

Vice President, Environmental Sustainability

David McLeod

Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer

Gregory B. Morrison

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Charles Odom

Vice President and Treasurer

Barry Ohlson

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Cody Partin

Vice President, Benefits, Compensation and HRTS

Jack Polish

Vice President and Controller

Juliette Pryor

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Andre Reese

Vice President, Information Systems Operations

Nancy Rigby

President, Cox Foundations

Duane Ritter

Senior Vice President, Corporate Services and Enterprise Security

Mark Rosenbaum

President, Family Office

Paul Scolese

Vice President, Government Affairs

Don Stryszko

Vice President, Risk Management

Mary Vickers

Vice President of Tax

Kristen Weathersby

Vice President, Litigation

Robert Woodard

Vice President, Cox Talent Acquisition