2022 Health and Wellness Benefits

2022 Health and Wellness Benefits

In 2022, we’re proud to introduce fertility coverage with Progyny Fertility — a benefit offered by only 25 percent of employers, according to a recent study from Mercer. This complements our existing programs, such as adoption assistance and backup childcare, to support employees working to grow their families.

We’re also expanding our flagship Know Your Numbers preventive care program, which offers up to $400 in payroll credits to employees and their covered spouse or partner who complete a health screening. These screenings will now include diabetes, thyroid and prostate tests, as well as an optional colorectal test.

To help you understand your choices and make the best decision for you and your family, you also have access to the decision-making tool, ALEX, your personal benefits counselor.

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New Wellness Programs

To help employees prevent and manage chronic conditions including diabetes and pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, weight management and mental health, we’re offering Livongo Whole Person. And when aches and pains take over, our new Hinge Health benefit will help with at-home physical therapy care with high-tech wearable devices and the support of a personal care team.

These join the amazing lineup of benefits added in 2021, including our financial literacy tool, My Money 101 powered by Truist Momentum, and our expanded leave program, which offers moms and dads eight weeks of paid parental time off to spend with their newest family members. Both were added at the request of our employees.

Livongo Whole Person will be available at no cost to employees in the Cox Medical Plan.

Progyny Fertility

Progyny Fertility, a new benefit introduced for 2022, will be available to all eligible employees, their covered spouse or domestic partner, without requiring an infertility diagnosis. Offering this comprehensive fertility coverage aligns with our diversity, inclusion and equity efforts and supports our people as they work to grow their families.

Progyny will be available to employees enrolled in the Cox Medical Plan.

Progyny Fertility
Hinge Health

Hinge Health

Does your back ache? Your neck creak? Your knees pop? Hinge Health provides physical therapy from the comfort of your own home using high-end wearables and app-guided exercises overseen by your personal care team.

Learn more at HingeHealth.com/Cox.  

This benefit can be leveraged to prevent on-the-job injuries, treat acute and chronic pain and assist in post-surgery rehab. 

Employees can log in to InSideCox.com to review how to use this benefit. 

Hinge Health will be available at no cost to employees in the Cox Medical Plan.