Pushing Boundaries

Cox is pushing beyond the boundaries of our core businesses with investments in adjacent industries and high growth potential markets, such as cleantech, healthcare, digital media and the public sector.

We are strategically diversifying our business and investing in transformative industries to lay the foundation for a bright future.

FutureFocus 2034

FutureFocus 2034 is Cox’s long-term growth plan to build on our 125-year history of innovation and diversification. It includes all Cox stakeholders: our investors, our employees, our customers and our communities. This vision is centered around caring for people, protecting the planet, and innovating for impact – all while growing Cox into new verticals by 2034.

“If you want to build a better future, that starts today,” said Shereta Williams, senior vice president of growth operations at Cox Enterprises. “We have a distinctive strategy in how we lean in and support the businesses we invest in to help them reach their goals. By utilizing Cox resources, we increase their scale while also increasing the impact for Cox and our stakeholders.”


Since 2007, Cox Enterprises has invested $2 billion in sustainable businesses and clean technology as part of our commitment to driving positive environmental change.

In 2015, we set out to build new multi-billion-dollar businesses that tackle the most pressing challenges of our time: reducing waste and producing renewable resources. Using best-in-class technology that is both environmentally sustainable and offers strong returns, we partner with founders and owners to scale clean businesses, invest in the future and achieve ambitious sustainability goals.

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Digital Media

Our company’s deep roots in journalism and media trace back to when founder James M. Cox purchased his first newspaper 125 years ago. That legacy lives on today at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Dayton Daily News, as well as at Axios, an exciting new media company we acquired in 2022. We’re also making strategic investments in high-growth and primarily digital industries like esports to diversify our business and position ourselves for the future.

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Public Sector

State and local governments provide the most essential services to our local communities — from transportation to safety to education. We believe modern technology will transform how these critical services are delivered and enable more effective, efficient and transparent government that benefits every citizen, business and public servant. Cox invests in leading platforms that are accelerating the transformation of this vital $20+ billion software market.

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Cox Enterprises is keenly focused on supporting emerging business models that seek to improve health outcomes. We believe patients should understand the cost of the services they’re paying for and should expect results. We’re investing in value-based healthcare models that put the patient’s needs squarely at the center of care and help people discover the healthiest versions of themselves.

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