Our Future is Our Legacy

Caring for People

Caring for People

Caring for People is fundamental to everything we do as a company. Inspired by our founder’s generosity toward others and his dedication to public service, our support and dedication to our employees and communities have been a core part of our culture for more than a century.

This approach is core to how we operate and shows up in many ways throughout our company. From creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, supporting increased access to information and communication technology, and giving our resources to causes that align with our goals, we empower people to their fullest potential and help build stronger, more vibrant communities.

Download our 2021-2022 Collective Impact Report to learn more about how our care for people shows up throughout our business.


Our Commitment

We are ensuring our employees and communities thrive by:

  • Continuing our culture of giving back
  • Fostering an inclusive workplace
  • Prioritizing employees’ health, safety and well-being
  • Developing communities through responsible sourcing and supply chain management

2021-2022 Highlights

  • Brought our social impact goal, 34 by 34, to life by visiting nine cities nationwide in our Act to Impact Roadshow
  • Volunteered 68,000 hours across over 6,800 events
  • Unveiled a new ID&E strategy with strategic pillars, long-term ambitions and measurable goals

Building a Better Future for Millions with 34 by 34

Our social impact initiative, known as 34 by 34, is aimed at removing obstacles and expanding access to programs to help 34 million people live more prosperous lives by 2034. From bridging the digital divide to addressing social equity and environmental sustainability challenges, we’re committed to creating a ripple effect starting with our employees, extending through our supply chain and out into the communities we serve, growing the good one action at a time.


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The 34 by 34 goal ties actions across Cox back to our purpose of building a better future, it focuses on social issues our businesses have the tools and knowledge to solve.

- Dallas Clement, president and chief financial officer, Cox Enterprises

Continuing Our Culture of Giving Back

Our tradition of giving back in communities where we live and work can be traced back to our founder, and Cox employees are proud to carry on his example to this day. Cox provides paid time off for employees to volunteer with partner organizations such as Girls Inc. and Out Teach. Through our employee engagement platform, Cox Impact, employees can participate in events, track community volunteer hours, join employee resource groups and more. Since the platform launched in 2019, more than 60% of employees have joined, serving nearly 200,000 volunteer hours and collectively taking more than 430,000 positive actions.

Fostering an Inclusive Workplace

Proactively advancing a culture of inclusion, diversity and equity aligns with our values, as it is unquestionably the right thing to do. It’s also a smart thing to do from a business standpoint. Diverse, inclusive companies deliver better business performance and are more innovative, better at attracting and retaining talent, and better equipped to serve the needs of their customers.

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Looking ahead

Forces Shaping our Business

  • Increased ID&E Action & Transparency
  • Accelerated Race for Talent
  • Deeper Support to Drive Prosperity for All

Our Approach

  • Integrating ID&E goals with talent acquisition practices that drive intentional actions and transparent accountability
  • Improving development opportunities for employees through career planning and continued growth of our empowered people model
  • Utilizing 34 by 34 platform to expand impact measurement, pilot innovative community programs and scale high-impact initiatives