Our Future is Our Legacy


Innovating for Impact

At Cox, we seek to support industry-leading businesses that align with our mission of leaving the world better for the next generation. We take a long-term, purpose-driven approach when making these investments. By supporting companies that are driving innovation within their respective sectors, our net impact on the world can improve.

Since 2007, we have invested $2 billion in sustainable businesses and technologies we believe can help address some of the world’s most pressing issues. As we continue to invest in new industries and evolve our businesses, we remain committed to enabling innovation that can unlock a healthier, more sustainable future.

Download our 2021-2022 Collective Impact Report to learn more about the ways we support innovations for impact.


Our Commitment

We drive innovations that improve the world by:

  • Advancing connectivity
  • Progressing transportation mobility
  • Expanding growth operations

2021-2022 Highlights

  • Acquired BrightFarms and made a significant strategic investment in Mucci Farms, two indoor farming companies
  • Acquired Spiers New Technologies, which has repaired, refurbished or remanufactured more than 51,000 battery packs for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Acquired a majority ownership in Axios, furthering our commitment to delivering vital, trustworthy news and analysis in the most efficient ways possible
  • Empowered 2.8 million people through Cox Communications’ digital equity programs

Investing in Sustainable Agriculture

Over the past few years, our acquisition of BrightFarms and significant strategic investment in Mucci Farms exemplify our focus on finding and building resource-efficient businesses to drive a new wave of sustainable growth for Cox.

BrightFarms is an indoor farming company leveraging a unique model to transform the lettuce industry. Also helping advance our sustainable agriculture portfolio, Mucci Farms’ network of thousands of acres of indoor-grown fruits and vegetables showcases farming innovation at all levels.

As a long-term operator and investor, Cox is uniquely positioned and committed to partnering with Mucci Farms to scale and meet growing consumer demand.

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BrightFarms is a perfect example of our Cox Cleantech strategy — positively impacting the world through profitable, mission-driven businesses. Over the years, our enthusiasm for BrightFarms and the opportunity to transform the industry has increased tremendously, which led us to want to play a larger role in what they’re doing.

- Steve Bradley, vice president of Cleantech, Cox Enterprises

Digital Equity

Cox Communications is building a better future through affordable internet offerings that seek to bridge the digital divide for underserved communities. Since 2013, Connect2Compete has provided low-cost home internet with Wi-Fi to families with children. Launched in 2021, ConnectAssist is an affordable internet plan for households or individuals without children. Cox has helped administer the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a U.S. government program that provides discounts for internet service and equipment costs to many eligible low-income households (in partnership with PCs for People). By the close of 2022, our digital equity initiatives will have impacted 2.8 million people.

Looking ahead

Forces Shaping Our Business

  • Increased Digital Divide
  • Heightened Demand for Sustainable Mobility Solutions
  • Greater Need to Mitigate Business Risk

Our Approach

  • Continuing to explore, launch and invest in new product lines that allow us to connect to customers in new ways, plus continued growth and provision of digital equity programs
  • Embracing the transition from traditional ownership to mobility models and continued exploration of EV conversion sites, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and alternative fuels
  • Diversifying and growing our core business strategically while investing in transformative industries such as cleantech, healthcare focused on social determinants of health, sustainable agriculture and govtech