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Mental & Emotional Wellness

Take charge of your mental and emotional wellness. Whether you need to de-stress, build resilience, reduce anxiety, treat depression or just achieve more balance and satisfaction in your daily life, Cox offers resources to help.   

If you’re in a crisis, don’t wait to feel better. Reach out today.  

Scroll down for a quick summary of all the mental health offerings available to employees, their families and/or household members, or click here for an at-a-glance view of all your Cox wellness benefits.

Mental Health Resources

Free counseling is offered through Resources for Living. Use up to eight free sessions per topic, per year, as well as work-life resources and professional services for legal and financial advice, with face-to-face options or remote services through chat, email, video or phone. Employees, members of your household and dependents up to the age of 26 are eligible to participate.

Learn more about the program at, or employees can visit for instructions on how to enroll.

Also, check out the short videos below that spotlight people who have overcome incredible obstacles to create positive changes in their lives.



Calm for meditation, ambient music, sleep stories: Calm will replace Headspace as our app for guided meditation, as well as relaxing playlists, breathing exercises and stories to help you fall asleep. All employees will have access to a free membership to Calm. Employees can visit the Wellness Channel on Cox Impact for instructions on how to sign up.


Take advantage of convenient virtual counseling sessions with a psychologist or therapist who can prescribe medications if needed. Schedule visits seven days a week from wherever you’re most comfortable.

This benefit is offered at no cost for members of the Cox Medical Plan through Aetna with no limit on the number of visits through Dec. 31, 2024.

Download the Teladoc app, or call 888-553-3449 (option 6) to get started. 


Brightline brings virtual behavioral and mental health care to families, when and where they need it. Whether it’s virtual therapy, psychiatry, or coaching — Brightline will work with you to find the right support for your kids & teens. The program is free for Cox Medical Plan members through Aetna. Copays and deductibles apply. Call 888-553-3449 (option 3) or visit to learn how to create your account. 

Mental Health Video Library

The following inspiring short videos spotlight people who have overcome incredible obstacles to create positive changes in their lives and helped others around them do the same.

If you’re in a crisis, don’t wait to feel better. Reach out today. Resources for Living offers Cox employees and members of their household 24/7 in-the-moment support. Employees can visit for instructions on how to access Resources for Living.

Overcoming Addiction

It can be tough to ask for help with an addiction. But it can make all the difference. Watch two stories of addiction and recovery.

Being There Matters

Depression can be even tougher to get through if you try to go it alone. See how friends can help each other turn things around.

New Moms Aren’t Alone

Postpartum depression affects many women each year. It can bring on confusing thoughts and feelings at a time when everyone expects you to be happy. If this sounds like you, it can help to get support.

Improving Self-Esteem

It takes time and energy to change the way you see yourself. Showing up every day, making good choices and sharing with others can help improve your body image and build your self-esteem.

Living for Thursdays

Even if you’re faced with limitations, chances are there are new things you can try. Getting involved in just one activity can change your whole life.