Cox Conserves: Minimizing Our Footprint

For more than a decade, our sustainability program has been instrumental in driving meaningful progress toward environmental change. With $165 million invested in more than 500 sustainability and conservation projects, we’ve just achieved our first sustainability goal: to be Zero Waste to Landfill by 2024.



Cox Conserves

Driving positive environmental change — inside our company and within the communities we serve — is one of the most important things we do.

Cox Conserves, our national sustainability program, was launched in 2007 by Jim Kennedy, chairman emeritus and chairman of the James M. Cox Foundation. Since then, we’ve made meaningful progress in our journey to become a more sustainable company through our operations, partnerships and grants to nonprofits.

Cox Conserves’ primary focus areas include energy conservation, water conservation, waste diversion and recycling and community engagement.

Cox Conserves Goals

Zero Waste to Landfill by 2024

  • Achieved! Cox is the first U.S.-based, enterprisewide service company to be verified by GreenCircle Certified as achieving a 92% waste diversion rate. This achievement meets Zero Waste USA’s definition of a zero-waste business. Read more here.

Carbon and Water Neutral by 2034

  • From small starts like changing light bulbs and adding low-flow water aerators to bigger solutions like developing alternative energy projects and installing rainwater harvest systems, Cox continues to move closer to this goal.

How We Do It

The path to reaching these goals begins with the simple philosophy that actions, not words, define our success. We are committed to measuring our performance in order to continuously improve the management and impact of environmental practices. See our progress in protecting the planet.