The Future of Food Grows Here

Cox Farms is setting the global standard in growing fresh produce for a growing population, regardless of calendar or climate.

Through our network of indoor farms and consumer brands, we’ve already become one of the largest greenhouse operators in North America, providing retailers with an always-on supply of fresh, delicious produce. We’re revolutionizing agriculture by helping families access locally grown fruits and vegetables – and we’re doing it in ways that help conserve the planet’s natural resources – using less water and less land on a per yield basis, and no pesticides.

Less Land. Bigger Harvests.

The future is ripe for revolutionizing agriculture from the inside out.

View this video to learn how Cox Farms is bringing the full promise of indoor farming to life at a scale never seen before.


A fresh approach to farming

Cox Farms is a business entity of Cox Enterprises, a values-driven corporation with a global impact. As part of the Cox family of businesses, we’re honoring our roots as a family-owned company. We’re ensuring a secure food supply, thanks to cutting-edge infrastructure and a reliable network of growers. We’re growing the world of indoor farming in new directions - and we’re just getting started. Our growers include:

Mucci Farms

Mucci Farms, a pioneer in indoor farming with a legacy spanning more than 60 years. Mucci Farms owns and operates greenhouse facilities across North America, using innovation at all levels to deliver the highest quality of fresh vine crops, from strawberries to cucumbers.



BrightFarms, an innovator in sustainable agriculture that uses a scalable, state-of-the-art model to grow fresh and tasty leafy greens, transporting from greenhouse to store in as few as 24 hours.

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Cox Farms’ strategy is very simple: We want to be the “one stop shop” for our customers by providing them with the most important produce products across all their locations. By doing this in a way that decouples growing from ever-changing conditions, we provide consistent, quality supply for retailers and a better overall product for consumers.

- Steve Bradley, President, Cox Farms

Revolutionizing Agriculture from the Inside Out

We are on a mission to provide the freshest, most flavorful produce the world has ever known by uniting a fragmented category, scaling efficiently and leading the way forward responsibly. We’re challenging the status quo and advocating for fresh new ways of doing business – all while respecting the heritage of our partners.

BrightFarms products on shelf

Our Locations

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