BrightFarms Launches New R&D Hub


The new research hub, called BrightLabs, will be led by Matt Lingard, a former Bayer plant scientist with over 15 years of experience working at the intersection of biotechnology and greenhouse science. Lingard will serve as BrightFarms' vice president of agriculture and science. BrightFarms BrightLabs image 

“Among competitors, we’ve developed the most profitable model for the production of indoor leafy greens, but it’s essential that we maintain our market advantage to stay ahead of the curve,” said Steve Platt, BrightFarms CEO. “We’ve built up a team of the best minds in indoor agriculture to officially launch BrightLabs, where we’ll develop the next phase of game-changing products and technology solutions for our operations.” 

BrightLabs is focused on developing proprietary and patented ecosystems for plants to thrive while increasing their flavor and yields. The team headed by Lingard will be comprised of the strongest minds from the food and agriculture industry, bringing together experts in technology, microbiology and plant science to deliver breakthrough innovations. 

“No other indoor farming company is studying a plant’s microbiome, the naturally occurring bacteria that help determine its health, to the same degree that we are,” Lingard said. “Instead of pouring dollars into artificial lighting research, we’re developing cutting-edge biotechnology solutions to out-maneuver our competition with the most productive indoor farms in the industry.” 

Another Way We're Building a Better Future  

BrightFarms is part of our growing cleantech portfolio of sustainable technology businesses in water, energy and food and agriculture. Cox became the company’s majority owner less than a year ago. 

BrightFarms’ five greenhouses – located in Ohio, Virginia, Illinois, Pennsylvania and North Carolina – cover 1.2 million square feet and produce 9 million pounds of fresh lettuce annually. By the end of 2021, BrightFarms leafy greens will be available at over 3,500 stores, more than any indoor farming company in the industry. 

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