Chris Boyle Receives Board Champion Award


ChrisBoyle-full-size.pngChris Boyle, assistant vice president of financial planning and analysis at Cox Automotive, has received the “Board Champion Award,” part of The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Leaders in Corporate Citizenship Awards. These awards honor individuals like Chris whose work for social good intersects with corporate success.

Chris was honored for his work as board chair for Southface Institute, a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable homes, workplaces and communities through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance. Cox nominated Chris for the award.

“What excites me about Cox is that we continue to move full steam ahead, not just doing it because it’s the right thing to do, but increasingly we are pursuing it because it makes business sense,” said Chris.

He has become a champion at Cox for Southface’s Good Use program, which helps nonprofits reduce their costs through regrants and technical support for energy and water efficiency projects. Nonprofit facilities account for 20% of primary energy use in the U.S., making this sector ripe for climate mitigation opportunities. With the money saved on their utility bills, organizations can direct more funds to their mission-critical work, building their capacity for impact as well. 

As a result of Chris’ leadership, Cox sponsored a Good Use project to help the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Valley make energy and water efficiency improvements to their building in Phoenix, Arizona. The upgrades will save them nearly 70% on electricity consumption, more than 65% on natural gas usage and 30% on water usage annually. 

The ceremony honoring the winners was held on Thursday, Feb. 16. The full article announcing the award on the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s website (note: article is behind a paywall).

If you are interested in learning more about nonprofit board service aligned with Cox’s 34 by 34 social goal, please contact your local public affairs team or email for information.  


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