CoxReps Launches Gamut, Offering Broad-Spectrum Support to Publishers and Advertisers


New business offers digital programmatic technology and hands-on support to deliver comprehensive media solutions on a local, regional, and national scale

CoxReps today announced the launch of Gamut, a new company that combines the assets and strengths of what were formerly Cox Digital Solutions and Cox Cross Media. The new company, which is comprised of four distinct channels of solutions, was formed to offer publishers and advertisers a full spectrum of support and comprehensive media solutions that capitalize on a deep-rooted expertise and heritage of media excellence to deliver top-quality service.

Leveraging deep-rooted expertise, technology, real-time data, and precision targeting, Gamut executes on a local, regional, and national level. The business offers a robust suite of capabilities and a streamlined service for publishers, advertisers, agencies, and small-to-mid sized businesses.

“We are committed to providing our clients with services that adapt to the ever-evolving media landscape,” said Gene Pizzolato, president and general manager of Gamut. “As Gamut, we bring together powerful technology and end-to-end expertise to deliver solutions that help publishers and advertisers optimize results.”

“Gamut is a one-stop shop where publishers and advertisers can seek reliable guidance, hands-on service, and powerful technology for the media world,” commented Jim Monahan, president of CoxReps. “We are proud to have Gamut as a part of our organization and to continue our tradition of providing meaningful guidance to our clients.”

Gamut is comprised of four channels of solutions, which offer a broad-spectrum of media solutions that serve publishers and advertisers. The channels include:

  • Pr o g r a m m a t i c + : Enables publishers to maximize yield for their display, mobile, and video inventory with a real-time pricing (RTP) engine, and delivers access to exclusive inventory and superior cross-channel audiences for advertisers. The technology offers proven profitability that optimizes across the inventory value spectrum, delivering more flexibility and ease of use.
  • Re p s + : Offers guidance on a full campaign lifecycle, working to identify the right audience, digital media mix, and platforms to drive peak performance. An experienced team helps advertisers achieve digital, cross-channel campaign goals, powered by deep-rooted media expertise and access to high quality data.
  • Re a c h + : Provides a turnkey wholesale product for publishers to deliver expanded access to audiences, generating more advertising revenue while effectively extending the magnitude and frequency of cross-channel campaigns. A customized white-label solution, Reach+ provides access to large audience pools solving display, mobile, video inventory shortfalls, helping to ensure success.
  • Cr o s s M e d i a + : Delivers custom solutions for fully integrated, multi-market, television-driven campaigns, complemented by digital solutions, providing access to key audiences based on televised events that attract large audiences. With deep expertise in local markets, CrossMedia+ offers a streamlined service to execute on a local, regional, or national scale, supported by a team that executes full media planning, buying, execution, and post-campaign reporting.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Gamut as the newest brand in the Cox Media Group family,” said Neil Johnston, executive vice president, strategy and digital innovation at Cox Media Group. “As a media company, we fully understand the needs of both publishers and advertisers, and we will continue to deliver quality service and optimized results as Gamut.”

For more information on Gamut and the services it provides, please visit:


About Gamut

Gamut is a new company that combines the assets and strengths of what were formerly Cox Digital Solutions and Cox Cross Media. We offer a broad-spectrum of smart media, from programmatic to direct. Gamut provides comprehensive media solutions that optimize ad revenue for publishers and create access to key audiences for advertisers. We deliver cross-channel television and digital campaigns that build on our long history of media excellence and benefit from the most advanced data-driven tools. Whether locally, regionally, or nationally, Gamut connects publishers and buyers for optimum results. Gamut is a wholly owned subsidiary of CoxReps. Learn more at

About CoxReps

CoxReps is the premiere media sales and marketing organization servicing a wide array of television station clients and advertiser and advertising agency customers across the United States. In addition to the CoxReps core business of National Spot TV sales, Gamut provides our advertiser clients multiple cross-platform opportunities to maximize their ability to reach their respective target audiences. CoxReps is a division of Cox Media Group Inc. Learn more at

About Cox Media Group

Cox Media Group (CMG) is an integrated broadcasting, publishing, direct marketing, and digital media company that includes the national advertising rep firms of CoxReps. Additionally, CMG owns Cox Target Media, which operates Valpak, one of North America’s leading direct marketing companies, and, a leading online source for savings. The company’s operations currently include 14 broadcast television stations and one local cable channel, 57 radio stations, eight daily newspapers, more than a dozen non-daily publications, and more than 100 digital services. CMG currently operates in more than 20 media markets and reaches approximately 52 million Americans weekly, including more than 30 million TV viewers, more than 3.5 million print and online newspaper readers, and more than 14 million radio listeners. Cox Media Group Inc. is a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises (CEI). For more information about Cox Media Group, please check us out online at

For further information: Andy McDill,


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