Food Well Alliance Celebrates First Year of Operation with $3.75 Million Grant from James M. Cox Foundation


ATLANTA, June 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Food Well Alliance is celebrating the completion of its first full year of connecting stakeholders and elevating Atlanta's local food movement. To support the organization's continued development, the James M. Cox Foundation announced a $3.75 million grant. This grant builds upon previous support that helped establish Food Well Alliance in 2015.

Food Well Alliance is a convener, grantmaker and promoter for the growing number of organizations in Atlanta that build healthier communities through local food.

To date, Food Well Alliance has provided $950,000 to support more than 200 organizations and over 150 urban gardens through their Local Food Grants, Collaborative Design Initiatives and Community Capital Grants. The organization will continue to make similar investments to strengthen and expand the local food movement.

"Food is a powerful force that brings people together," said Alex Taylor, Cox Enterprises executive vice president and great-grandson of company founder James M. Cox. "Access to healthy, home-grown food is good for the people of Atlanta – particularly for children. Growing food and creating gardens across metro Atlanta is a great way to foster a stronger community."

In addition to addressing the lack of locally-grown food in urban neighborhoods, Food Well Alliance convenes leaders of organizations around challenges to growing food in the city. To ensure that local food is nutritious and grown sustainably, Food Well Alliance facilitated seven organizations to collaboratively design and implement the Healthy Soil, Healthy Community Initiative. This integrative program distributed 150 truckloads of organic compost to urban gardens, engaged 1,400 gardeners and provided more than 30 free compost workshops across five counties.

"We are grateful to the James M. Cox Foundation for supporting the important work we are doing to build a united local food movement," said Food Well Alliance Executive Director Bobbi de Winter. "By convening and collaborating, we are identifying needs, building community consensus, aligning priorities and mobilizing funding. There are some great organizations within Atlanta's local food movement, and together, we are building healthier communities."

Collectively, Food Well Alliance is comprised of community organizers, entrepreneurs and educators who are working toward shared long-term impacts: a robust local food economy, a strong community identity and spirit, increased consumption of locally-grown food and a more environmentally-sustainable food system in Atlanta.

About Food Well Alliance
Food Well Alliance, formed in partnership with Atlanta Community Food Bank, exists to connect members of Atlanta's local food movement around building healthier communities, transforming our local food system and improving our lives.

About The James M. Cox Foundation
The James M. Cox Foundation is named in honor of Cox Enterprises' founder and provides funding for capital campaigns and special projects in communities where the company operates. James M. Cox was Ohio's first three-term governor and the 1920 Democratic nominee for president of the United States.

The Foundation concentrates its community support in several areas, including: conservation and environment; early childhood education; empowering families and individuals for success; and health.

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SOURCE The James M. Cox Foundation

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