Cox Foundation Gives $500,000 to Aid in Ukraine


The James M. Cox Foundation announced a $500,000 grant to the American Red Cross to provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people as a result of the Russian invasion.

“It is horrible to see the suffering of Ukrainian refugees," said Cox Enterprises Chairman Emeritus and Chairman of the James M. Cox Foundation Jim Kennedy. “I am glad we can support relief efforts of the Red Cross in providing on-the-ground help to families and individuals fleeing their homes.”

More than three million people have fled Ukraine to nearby countries and an estimated 18 million — a third of Ukraine’s population — will need humanitarian assistance, according to the Red Cross. Red Cross is providing lifesaving aid to those in need, including food, medical supplies, hygiene kits and household items. It has also supported the evacuation of more than 57,000 people, including those with disabilities, and provided first aid training to more than 42,000 people across the country.

The grant from the Foundation will help the Red Cross continue its mission to prevent and relieve suffering around the world.

Red Cross efforts in Ukraine

According to the Red Cross, in the coming weeks volunteers will increase their work to reunite separated families, continue to provide food and household items and raise awareness about contaminated areas. The current needs are tremendous, critical among them include water delivery, support to health facilities and medical care for families wounded.

To learn more about how to contribute to the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, visit the American Red Cross website.

About the James M. Cox Foundation

The James M. Cox Foundation is named in honor of Cox Enterprises' founder and provides funding for capital campaigns and special projects in communities where the company operates. James M. Cox was Ohio's first three-term governor and the 1920 Democratic nominee for president of the United States. The Foundation concentrates its community support in several areas including: conservation and environment; early childhood education; empowering families and individuals for success; and health.


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