Rare.us Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary


Site Eclipses 40 Million Visits Monthly

ATLANTA, April 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This week Rare.us, a Cox Media Group social-digital web platform, celebrates its second anniversary, punctuated by spectacular growth during the past eight months. To date in 2015, Rare.us averages more than 40 million visits monthly. This represents a 2000% increase year over year. Known to fans as America's News FeedRare.us reaches, entertains and informs nearly one million unique visitors each day. The site's political coverage, which represents a fraction of the content published each day, tends to be liberty-leaning and attracts mainstream millennials who value individual freedom and are wary of the government's ability to solve problems.

"In the last two years we've had an amazing journey of learning and growth allowing Rare to carve out a significant national footprint, meeting the needs of both consumers and advertisers. Most importantly, the Rare audience seeks freedom of expression and a platform where they can voice their optimism. Each day our goal is to deliver on this promise, and I believe we have," said Leon Levitt, Vice President, Strategy, Cox Media Group and publisher of Rare.

Two years ago this week, Rare launched with great fanfare at a Newseum gala attended by media and political leaders from across the country. Rare stood out from its peers with a dynamic design and independent voice. As the site has grown, it has honed a formula where the best, most engaging content wins.

"We are extremely proud of our editorial team and their commitment to this new media model. We work hard each day to find the most interesting stories and write them in a way our audience will enjoy and share," said Will Alford, Director of Content at Cox Media Group. "Our politics team reacts to the day's news and drives important conversations about the issues facing our country."

Rare's frequent Under-40 Poll delivers deep, comprehensive data about the preferences of young Americans on current issues. A snapshot of some previous polling is below:

Marijuana vs. Tobacco and Alcohol
Young people believe that alcohol is a more destructive substance than either marijuana or tobacco. When asked which is more damaging among the three substances, 46 percent chose alcohol. Twenty-seven percent selected tobacco and only 13 percent said marijuana.

On God and Abortion
Seventy percent of voters under the age of 40 said that a relationship with God personally mattered to them, while 30 percent said it didn't matter.

Trusting The Police
Sixty percent of young voters said they trusted their local police department, while only 24 percent said they didn't. A further 16 percent were unsure. Surprisingly, a plurality of African Americans were OK with their local police—46 percent said they trusted the cops while 38 percent did not. Hispanics were also trustful of their police departments, with 60 percent saying they favored the police.

All Rare.us polls are conducted by Gravis Marketing and have an error margin of 5 percent. The next Rare Under-40 Poll will be published May 2015. For an advance copy please email omart@1ninemedia.com.

Rare political editors Jack Hunter (jack@rare.us) and Matt Purple (matthew@rare.us) are available for broadcast or press interviews.

About Rare 
Rare.us is an independent news source targeted at young mainstream Americans. Rare attracts fans under 40 who enter the platform seeking the most interesting stories or buzz of the day. Editorial coverage includes news, politics, pop culture, and entertainment content. Rare's platform allows for the expression and freedom that young fans love. Rare.us is based in Washington D.C., and is Cox Media Group property. Follow Rare on Twitter@rare and Facebook (Http://www.facebook.com/rare). 


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