Techstars Atlanta Announces New Managing Director


I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining Techstars as the new Managing Director of Techstars Atlanta in Partnership with Cox Enterprises.

Over the past six years, Techstars and Cox have partnered to bring this impactful resource to the Atlanta startup ecosystem. Under the leadership of prior Managing Directors, Michael Cohn, Tyler Scriven, and Dave Payne, Techstars Atlanta has invested in 60 companies, which have raised more than $180M in capital. I'm looking forward to building on these previous successes.

Techstars’ mentorship-driven approach is proven to have a powerful effect on the startups participating in the program. The capabilities of the Techstars network, resources provided by Cox, and the unique advantages of the Atlanta startup community create an opportunity for founders like no other. I’m excited to add the skills I’ve developed as a founder and entrepreneur more than 20 years ago to help support the next group of Techstars Atlanta founders.

Connecting with Atlanta’s Startup Ecosystem

I have been a founder since I moved to Atlanta in 2001. I attended Georgia Tech and started my first big startup during my junior year: a website hosting company called A Small Orange. After growing it to 25,000 customers entirely by word of mouth, I sold it in 2010. It was a wild ride over six years and I was hooked – the startup life was for me.

I went on to be an entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech. That’s where I developed my love for mentorship and helping other founders. At ATDC, I connected with Kyle Porter, who had just gotten back from being a member of the Summer 2012 Techstars Boulder class. He was looking to reboot his sales technology startup, so I, along with Rob Forman, joined him as cofounders. That company was Salesloft, which is now one of Atlanta’s major success stories.

Since my time at Salesloft, I’ve worked on a number of startups and other projects while continuing to advise and mentor founders on their own journeys. As I begin at Techstars, I’m excited to help the next group of promising Techstars Atlanta companies.

A City Built for Startups

Since I joined the startup scene in Atlanta, I’ve seen so much growth and maturity in what this city has to offer founders and companies. We’ve built a community that’s genuinely invested in helping founders and driving more success stories. And Techstars’ presence over the past six years has served as a great validation of all the hard work everyone has been doing.

Over the past decade, Atlanta has made huge strides in adding to and improving the resources it provides to startups. Alongside Techstars, we now have even more excellent learning resources, strong mentorship opportunities, impactful events, amazing spaces to gather, and top-tier investors putting capital into our ecosystem. All of that is layered on top of the backbone of Atlanta’s diverse and creative culture, top technical talent, incredible universities, and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Atlanta is a city of opportunity, and it’s only getting better each day.

What’s Next?

I am excited to build upon the success of our Techstars Atlanta partnership with Cox as we invest in our 70th company through the upcoming program. Applications for the summer class are open now and the program will kick off on July 18th.

If you have questions, you can message me on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. You can find more information about the program at Techstars Atlanta in Partnership with Cox Enterprises or start your application here. If you want to meet with me and the team, you request office hours here.

Want to learn more about Tim and his plans for Techstars Atlanta? Check out 5 Questions with Tim Dorr.


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