34 by 34: Building a Better Future for Millions

At Cox, we’re empowering our people to build a better future for the next generation. Our social impact initiative aims to remove obstacles and expand access to programs to help 34 million people live more prosperous lives by 2034.  

From bridging the digital divide to addressing social equity and environmental sustainability challenges, we’re committed to growing the good in the communities we serve, one action at a time.  

This initiative gives Cox an unprecedented opportunity to innovate, take meaningful action in the communities where we live and work, expand our partnerships and translate our ambition into measurable progress. 

Why 34 million? We first assessed the societal challenges that we’re positioned to impact, and we identified more than 30 million people needing support, growth and development opportunities to overcome those obstacles. We believe 34 million is an ambitious goal, but one that is achievable over the next decade given the talents, dedication and leadership of our people and partners. 

Our Pathways to Progress

34 by 34 focuses on six pathways where Cox has the tools and know-how to make real impact:

Helping Families Bridge the Digital Divide

Provide technology to address the digital divide and equalize access to information regardless of socio-economic background.

Breaking Down Educational Barriers

Break down educational barriers that prevent people from entering the workforce and support people in achieving their potential.

Unlocking Skills and Support for Long-Term Success

Provide employment pathways that help people keep pace with market needs and stay in or re-enter the workforce.

Creating Equitable Communities

Support underserved communities through programs that address structural and economic challenges.

Taking Action to Restore and Improve the Environment

Create opportunities to take environmental action and help restore and improve environments and infrastructure that directly benefit individuals.

Empowering People to Thrive

Support people in overcoming health and wellbeing challenges, enabling them to live happier, healthier and more prosperous lives.

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Empowering 34 million people to live more prosperous lives by 2034.​