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About Henry’s Fork Foundation

Ashton, Idaho

The Henry’s Fork Foundation’s (HFF) purpose is to conserve, protect and restore the unique fisheries and wildlife of the Henry’s Fork River and its watershed. Using a science-based approach to promote favorable streamflow, good water quality, healthy fish population and a positive fishing experience, HFF has worked to reduce the negative effects of drought and climate change. It has made measurable progress in achieving higher winter flows and improved the trout population by almost 1,000 trout in the region. The organization has also conserved the equivalent of 10,000 Olympic swimming pools of water.

HFF’s Farms & Fish program works with local farmers and irrigators to change crop rotations and irrigation methods, reducing water use. Throughout each season, HFF works with volunteers to complete several river cleanups as well as to salvage fish that are left stranded in canals when flows have been reduced. These river cleanups help to improve the health of the Henry’s Fork River.

HFF staff devote countless hours toward the preservation of the Henry’s Fork and South Fork watersheds and engage volunteers to help with their scientific work. HFF also has a top-notch internship program and a museum-style interpretive center that helps engage the community and educate them about both of the watersheds.