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About Shikha Bhattacharyya

Terre Haute, Indiana

Dr. Shikha Bhattacharyya is a dedicated environmental activist and social entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to reducing waste and promoting sustainability in her community. Her journey from health professional to dedicated environmental activist is rooted in her realization of the interconnectedness between human health and the environment. To create awareness about waste and its effects on human health, she started a nonprofit organization called reTHink, Inc.

reTHink maintains four community gardens, a permanent headquarters with class space, a Zero-Waste Store and a plastic upcycling facility. The Zero-Waste Store provides eco-friendly and package-free products to the community.

Shikha oversees reTHink and all its programs in addition to being a committed educator. She leads the Super Diggers Salsa Club, which engages children from underprivileged neighborhoods in gardening and cooking classes, imparting valuable skills and knowledge about sustainable practices. Dr. Bhattacharyya is also a co-founder of the youth-led group EARTHlings, collaborating with local government and educational institutions to promote climate education and sustainable practices.

Shikha has been recognized for her work and awarded accolades including the Community Educator Award by the City of Terre Haute, the Green Lights Award by Earth Charter Indiana and the Hoosier Resiliency Heroes recognition from the Environmental Resiliency Institute at Indiana University.