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About The Texas Trees Foundation

Dallas, Texas

For 41 years, the Texas Trees Foundation has been working toward well-maintained hiking, biking and nature trails, parks, shady tree-lined streets, and other outdoor amenities in Texas.

North Texas has one of the most challenging urban climates in the United States due to oppressive summer heat, limited rainfall, poor soils and some of the nation’s worst air pollution. Energy usage keeps rising and the urban heat island effect continues to increase temperatures. The Foundation funds important research initiatives that investigate best practices for helping to reduce the urban heat island effect and map out cities to show the most urgent planting needs.

The Texas Trees Foundation sets itself apart from other tree planting organizations through its robust research-based projects and their intentional choice to plant in underserved communities. Low-income neighborhoods are often overlooked for environmental programs due to historic inequality, but Texas Trees specifically chooses these communities for their planting opportunities not only because they know these areas are the most in need of trees, but they believe that everyone should have access to trees no matter the barrier.

In 2022, the organization planted and provided over 8,700 trees across more than 60 locations in Texas, resulting in 79 million pounds of carbon dioxide being removed from the air.