Donna Hall

Donna Hall has seen a thing or two in her time at Cox. In her 32-year career at Cox, she’s led through operational changes to our businesses, been on the front lines of disruption in media, earned industry recognition and — as a bonus — met her husband. According to Donna, “Cox has changed my life in so many wonderful ways.”  

Donna-Hall-300-(1).jpgDonna currently serves as the publisher for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and will be inducted into the Dayton Area Broadcasters Hall of Fame this year. We caught up with Donna to congratulate her on her induction, learn more about her successful career at Cox and get a few leadership tips.  

Can you reflect on the changes you’ve seen at Cox during your career? 
One the biggest changes I’ve seen within Cox is the focus on employees transferring between divisions and CEI. That wasn’t commonplace years ago and as someone who had the good fortune of working in two different divisions, I’m happy to see a focus on it.   

What is some of the best advice you’ve received or shared with others?   
What we do and say and the decisions we make all have potential positive and negative ripple effects. Knowing what they are and having a plan for them can help you make better and more productive short and long-term decisions.  

What’s your reaction to being inducted into the Dayton Radio Hall of Fame?  
I’m completely honored and humbled by the induction. To be nominated by the people that I worked with all those years at Cox Radio Dayton moves me in a way that’s hard to put into words. I learned how to be a leader as a very young woman in that operation and it wasn’t always pretty! I am thankful for the people at CMG Ohio for all they taught me, and their openness to me and my leadership.  

How would you describe your leadership style?  
It’s a combination of relationship and delegation. Understanding what each person needs to be the best version of themselves is very important to me. I want people to have the latitude to do their jobs well —and update me regularly and as appropriate.  

Do you have a favorite story from your time at Cox?   
I met my husband while we were both working at WHIO in Dayton. Dayton Radio and TV shared a building and we met while he worked for TV and I worked for Radio. Working for Cox has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I guess I could say that this company is responsible for me having such a wonderful family.  

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned during your career?   
One lesson that I deeply treasure came through the sales manager that hired me in radio. I learned that if you are [focused on others] then your time, energy and teaching come back to you tenfold. Through him, and many others, I learned that we have a responsibility to be coach, leader, teacher and advocate to those around us.   

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