Hyosub Shin

Visual Visionary. Community Connector. 

Meet Hyosub Shin, multimedia photojournalist for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, part of the Cox family of brands.  

When Hyosub Shin came to the United States from South Korea 23 years ago to study photography, he never thought he’d photograph a situation like COVID-19. “It is really surreal for me,” he says.  “It might sound weird, but I was excited to take pictures to document this time. Nobody is around in downtown or driving during rush hour.” 

Because The Atlanta Journal-Constitution supports his passion, Hyosub was able to get his drone pilot’s license. He explains that he uses it almost daily for his assignments. By learning to pilot a drone, I found that I could show the bareness of Downtown Atlanta without coming in contact with people. I really wanted to show the emptiness I felt when taking these photos.” 

Hyosub is just one of the many AJC journalists who have been flexing their communication muscles and keeping Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia informed during the COVID-19 crisis. They are providing an important public service to all members of our community – informing readers, holding public officials accountable, and providing in-depth coverage and resources to keep us safe.   

For Hyosub, a multimedia photojournalist at the AJC, this pandemic also hits close to home. He self-quarantined for 14 days because his son was sick with a high fever.  

“I tried to show how I dealt with the situation. I brought my camera and took photos of my son and my family at the doctor. It was a chance to get a photo of a real patient in real time. Yes, it was private, but it showed the gravity of the situation.” 

When it comes to exploring his passion for photography and evolving his craft, Hyosub says he couldn’t have picked a better team to be a part of.  

“I am a pretty shy person, but I am very comfortable with my editors and colleagues,” he explains. “They are like part of my family. I really like my company and appreciate that they hired me 12 years ago. My English was bad, so I feel thankful they chose me. I’m really grateful for the AJC.” 

He also says his love for the AJC comes from the encouragement he gets to learn new skills to reach his goals. 

“I love photography and learning, and the AJC supports me so that I can grow. They supported my drone pilots’ training and helping me secure all the gear I needed to achieve that goal. There are just so many learning opportunities and huge support.” 

Above all, Hyosub is just happy to be able to continue doing what he loves in a time of uncertainly. “Though I wasn’t physically working while self-quarantining, my company took care of me,” he says. I’m lucky to work for a company I like, with reporters and colleagues I like. I’m very grateful that I can do what I do.” 

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