Making Our Mark

Protecting the PlanetĀ 

Protecting the PlanetĀ 

The Cox commitment to build a better future for the next generation is fundamentally tied to the well-being of our natural world. The people of Cox from our environmental engineers to our thousands of community volunteers are an integral part of our movement to strengthen environmental sustainability efforts through individual actions, large and small. We’re focused on reducing our impact on the environment and accelerating our ambitious plans to dramatically reduce our carbon, water and waste footprint by 2034. In addition to our own efforts, Cox invests in innovative businesses and works with suppliers that share our passion for sustainability and preservation of our precious natural resources.

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Our Commitment

Leave the planet a better place for future generations

Our focus areas:

  • Conserving natural resources 
  • Minimizing our environmental footprint
  • Motivating employees to take eco-friendly actions
  • Engaging with local environmental initiatives
Our Commitment

Cox Conserves: Minimizing Our Footprint

For more than a decade, our sustainability program established by Chairman Jim Kennedy, Cox Conserves, has been instrumental in driving meaningful progress toward environmental change. With nearly $140 million invested in more than 400 sustainability and conservation projects, we're on track to meet our aggressive Cox Conserves goals: Zero Waste to Landfill by 2024 and becoming carbon and water neutral by 2034. 

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Employee-Driven Environmental Stewardship

Employee-Driven Environmental Stewardship

We encourage and provide incentives for employees to take eco-friendly actions large and small, such as opting for reusable cups or purchasing a hybrid vehicle. In 2019 and 2020 alone, those actions both at work and at home resulted in an estimated: 

  • 5.6 million CO2 emissions saved 
  • 4.5 million gallons of water 
  • 692 thousand pounds of waste diverted 

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Cox Conserves is a point of pride for employees. It is a beacon that provides all of our people with a sense of ownership and inspires actions to reduce our environmental footprint within our businesses and individually.

- Ira Pearl, VP of Environmental Sustainability

Supply Chain Sustainability

Driving positive environmental change requires an intense, consistent focus on our supply chain. A 2018 evaluation revealed our supply chain has a significantly greater impact on the environment than our own operations. We're now working tirelessly to ensure the companies with whom we do business share our commitment to the environment and we're establishing benchmarks for our shared success. 

Environmental Partnerships

Protecting the Planet on a broad scale requires dedication and collaboration. We partner with national environmental groups and actively support local environmental organizations across the country to protect our nation's coastlines, waterways and public lands.

Learn more about our partnerships in our impact report.

Closer to Clean

Zero waste to
landfill by 2024

84% to goal

to goal


cumulative tons of waste
diverted from landfill
since 2013


Carbon neutral by 2034

(accelerated from 2044)

28% to goal

to goal


cumulative tons of carbon
offset since 2007


Water neutral by 2034

(accelerated from 2044)

30% to goal

to goal


cumulative gallons
of water saved/offset
since 2013