Meet Our Gov. James M. Cox Award Winner


Earlier this year, Cox Enterprises President and CEO Alex Taylor unveiled a new purpose statement for the company that is rooted in our past and inspires our future: Empower People Today to Build a Better Future for the Next Generation.

At the same time, Taylor also created a way to spotlight employees who exemplify what we stand for each day in their work by recognizing them with our company’s highest honor, the Governor James M. Cox award. Perhaps one of the best and most recent examples of employees living our values is Jamie Dupree, a longtime Washington correspondent for Cox Radio. 

About two years ago, Jamie awoke one morning to find himself unable to speak intelligibly. After consulting several doctors and specialists, he was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called “Tongue Protrusion Dystonia.” The condition causes his tongue to push forward out of his mouth and to clench, throttling his voice.

Jamie-Dupree_4.jpgJamie could no longer go on the air. But rather than retreat from radio, he found other ways to do his job. He courageously continued to inform the public through his engaging blog and social media content. He found time to mentor new reporters and explain the ins and outs of working in Washington D.C.

And, just last month, he returned to the airwaves with a computer-generated voice created using a cutting-edge text-to-speech technology. Jamie’s highly anticipated comeback was celebrated on national news programs on CNN, the BBC and ABC World News Tonight.

Jamie continues to undergo treatment with a neuro-psychiatrist in hopes of one day being able to speak again.

In May, Alex presented Jamie with a Governor James M. Cox Award with a touching speech before Jamie’s parents and about a thousand of his coworkers who were gathered at the Cox Spring Social. 

Congratulations, Jamie! 


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