Survey: Healthcare Marketing Impacts Millennials


Your health is important to you. But in what way? To help find out, Cox Health Marketing, a part of Cox Media Group, sponsored a survey of 2,000 adults online — 356 of whom were millennials — for the Cox Health Marketing Orthopedics Consumer Insights Study.

And while it’s no surprise that aging Baby Boomers need orthopedic care, the survey revealed millennials also are strongly influencing demand for services.

Additional takeaways from the survey:

  • Millennials are an active generation that values health and wellness. They are focused on nutrition, exercise and want to proactively deal with stress.
  • Of those who have been orthopedic patients, 57 percent experienced a sports injury. Interestingly, relief from pain is the number one reason this audience decides to have surgery, followed by getting back to playing sports or work.
  • Millennials seek and expect a retail-like experience when looking for a healthcare provider. They value convenience and ease of scheduling. Unlike other generations, they choose the hospital first and then the physician.
  • Marketing impacts millennials’ provider choice, with 37 percent saying it directly helped them make their decision. This digital savvy and socially connected audience is far more likely to respond to online and email ads than older generations. In fact, 57 percent of millennials visited an orthopedic provider’s website prior to their visit, stressing the importance of this virtual front door.

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