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Cox Enterprises

Mucci Farms Celebrates Multiple Awards for Talent and Packaging Innovation

Mucci Farms, a member of the Cox Farms family of brands, is proud to announce a series of prestigious industry awards from the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) and the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD). These accolades recognize the team’s commitment to innovation, sustainability and excellence in the greenhouse space.


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We are the Cox family of businesses. As our primary divisions continue driving new waves of innovation in the communications and automotive industries, Cox is entering additional spaces like cleantech and healthcare to amplify our work to build a better future for the next generation.

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We’re creating moments of real human connection through advanced broadband applications and services. The largest private broadband company in America, we proudly serve more than 6.5 million homes and businesses with high speed internet, security, home automation and streaming TV services.

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We make buying, selling and owning (or simply using) cars easier for everyone. With operations across five continents, we’re driving the auto industry forward through iconic consumer brands like Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book and other innovative businesses like vAuto, Manheim and Ridekleen — an eco-friendly, mobile car care business.

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Kate Rogers
Samuel Barnett
Jamelia Smith
Fernando Paz
Lauren Wilkinson
Bryce Cornet
Michael Johnson

Kate Rogers

Cybersecurity Senior Analyst, Cox Communications

“Cox is a wonderful place for veterans to work and make a life. I think my favorite aspect of Cox is the culture…the people I work with are just good-hearted, wholesome, down-to-earth people.”

Samuel Barnett

Inbound Sales Representative, Cox Communications

“I want to lean on that a lot here. Because you can truly help people so much. I’ve had customers crying to me. I’ve had them praise me. I can take something away from every customer.”

Jamelia Smith

Director of Inclusion & Diversity, Cox Enterprises

“I think it’s really important that we stay connected to the world and to the people around us. Expand your view of your job, your view of the industry, and maybe even your view of the world.”

Fernando Paz

Assistant VP of Software Engineering, Cox Automotive

“I love what I get to do, and I love who I get to do it with.”

Lauren Wilkinson

Marketing Specialist, Cox Communications

“I’ve never known a company that cares like Cox does. People don’t really leave their roles at Cox because it’s such a great company.”

Bryce Cornet

Sr. Manager, Supply Chain Logistics

“We’re all about recycling and sustainability We have such a great group of people, specifically the team that I work with and work around, that it’s very easy to wake up and go to work the next day.”

Michael Johnson

Senior Mobile Diesel Tech

“If you enjoy the euphoria of accomplishment and want to feel it regularly, it’s here.”

  • Kate Rogers

  • Samuel Barnett

  • Jamelia Smith

  • Fernando Paz

  • Lauren Wilkinson

  • Bryce Cornet

  • Michael Johnson

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“Cox cares about their people. It’s something we pride ourselves on and I was struck by that from the very beginning. At Cox, I feel like I’ve made an impact and that I’m valued. There’s a path for my career here.”

Belinda Loi, manager of network automation at Cox Communications, a division of Cox Enterprirses.

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Cox Enterprises
Mucci Farms Celebrates Multiple Awards for Talent…


Mucci Farms, a member of the Cox Farms family of brands, is proud to announce a series of prestigious industry…


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