Family-Owned. Future-Focused.

As part of the Cox family of businesses, Cox Farms is part of a 125-year commitment to making the world a better place. Sustainable practices and businesses have long been part of our story. We continue to chart new paths in clean technology and environmental stewardship today: all within an award-winning workplace culture that puts people first.

Cox farm house
tomatoes conveyor

Wide Reach. Fast Availability.

Cox Farms continues to grow, with 360+ acres of indoor farmland providing produce to 50+ major retailers. Our business may branch in many directions, but we ensure a secure pipeline of produce across the United States and Canada, delivering to nearby stores in as few as 24 hours.

Good for People (and the Planet).

Our food is grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals and produces a higher yield per acre, compared to field agriculture. The result? Delicious fresh produce, grown in a way that everyone – from retailers to employees to consumers – can feel good about.

salad bowl with tomatoes

Our Impact at a Glance

No pesticides

for the health of consumers, our employees and the planet


indoor acres. One of the largest greenhouse operator in the U.S. and Canada

Less land

compared to field agriculture, with a higher yield per acre

365 days

of production for year-round supply

 As few as 24

hours from harvest to delivery


employees making it all happen