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This was revealed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s April 29 publication of the latest in their groundbreaking analyses of doctors and sex abuse.

The AJC’s continuing coverage exposes a widespread issue that goes beyond the high-profile public case of USA Gymnastics national team doctor, Larry Nassar, and the #MeToo movement.

The newspaper’s latest report identifies cases of misconduct in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Other facts of the investigation include:

  • 450: Doctors whose cases were before medical regulators or courts in 2016–17.
    • 350: Doctors whose cases involved sexual misconduct with patients.
    • 100: Doctors whose cases involved employees or sex crimes not related to practice.

Breaking Through the Secrecy
“Cases continue to remain obscured because state boards and hospitals handle many sexual misconduct cases in secret, and some public orders are so vaguely worded that patients would not know that a sexual offense occurred,” said Editor Kevin Riley.

“No one had accurate data on doctors and sex abuse cases until the AJC reviewed thousands of medical board documents and published its first investigation,” Kevin continued. “Without our work, many patients may think they are safe because their doctor is prominent and respected.”

Award-Winning Series
The AJC’s award-winning national series, first published in print and online in 2016, exposes a culture of power, esteem and secrecy that gives doctors license to abuse patients sexually, even at a time when the public has realized other respected institutions, such as the military and the clergy, must be held accountable.

To read the AJC’s investigation, go to www.AJC.com/doctors.


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