Meet Diana Valenzuela


Diana-Valenzuela-landing-image.pngThroughout the month of September and October, we recognize employees who celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and applaud their contributions to Cox and the communities we serve. Employees like Diana Valenzuela, regional HR director for Cox Media Group. 

“Hispanic and Latin American culture places a strong value on family,” said Valenzuela. “We tend to have large close-knit families and this celebration is a reminder of our culture, faith, family and values.  It also gives us a chance to share the very best of what each of our cultures and backgrounds bring to this great country of ours.”

Food, Music and Friends
Valenzuela celebrates the month by surrounding herself with friends and family, and likes to attend festivities that highlight music and food from the Hispanic community.

“We love celebrating our culture, enjoying delicious foods and getting to know people from other backgrounds. Our celebrations keep our culture alive and it give us the opportunity to deepen our connections with family, friends and the community,” she adds. 

Valenzuela also takes this opportunity to show her support and promote Hispanic heritage in the workplace throughout the month. “I like talking to our employees about the different types of foods and enjoy sharing delicious recipes. By celebrating and embracing diversity, we learn from one another and we share our similarities and understand our differences.”

Embracing Diversity
The Cox family is dedicated to recognizing the contributions made by our Hispanic and Latino team members. 

“It is very important for companies to recognize the contributions that come from employees of different cultures and backgrounds” says Valenzuela. “By celebrating and recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month, the company is sending a strong message on embracing diversity and inclusion.”


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