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About Keala Minna-Choe

San Diego, California

Keala is an enthusiastic and determined young climate justice activist. She’s been an active participant in San Diego’s youth climate movement since she was a freshman in high school. Now a senior, Keala has worked tirelessly to phase out oil and gas extraction and accelerate a just transition to renewable energy.

As a sophomore, Keala led SanDiego350’s Youth v. Oil campaign to successfully pass several municipal resolutions calling on California Gov. Newsom to stop issuing new oil drilling permits and phase out current drilling sites while protecting fossil fuel workers. The resolution also mandated that extraction sites be safely distanced from residences and public buildings.

Keala serves on SanDiego350’s board of directors and the Youth4Climate steering committee, where she supports youth climate programs. She’s a public speaker and has helped organize youth climate summits and county-wide climate strikes with thousands of participants.

Keala was recently recognized by the San Diego County Public Defender’s office for her remarkable commitment to civic engagement, one of 25 teens honored in San Diego County in 2022.

Keala is a shining example of how committed young people can lead locally and make a difference, even on global issues like climate change.