All Aboard Manheim Express


The new Manheim Express mobile app lets dealers do business when, where and how they want. 

Manheim Express AdLaunched to dealers nationwide in July 2018 after a successful pilot program, the app revolutionizes the appraisal and wholesale liquidation process by providing dealers instant pricing data on vehicles and cutting-edge listing technology to sell wholesale vehicles. Within the app, sellers can scan VIN information, list a vehicle to the Manheim Marketplace, order an inspection and deliver the vehicle to a Manheim auction location. “Manheim Express puts the industry’s most powerful marketplace in the palm of dealers’ hands,” said Derek Hansen, vice president, Offsite Solutions. “This free app provides an even faster, easier, 24/7 option to list and sell inventory directly from clients’ lots.”

Guaranteed First Bid
One of the most exciting features within the app is the industry’s only Guaranteed First Bid (SM) (GFB). GFB sets a minimum floor price for the vehicle; if it doesn’t sell for the floor price or greater after being listed for two business days, Manheim will buy it at the GFB price. “This app offers the industry's only wholesale Guaranteed First Bid and 360-degree imaging, both of which are huge benefits to dealers who need to turn inventory quickly," said Grace Huang, president, Cox Automotive Inventory Solutions.

"During the pilot phase, we heard great feedback from dealers who experienced the immediate impact that using Manheim Express brings to their dealership,” Grace said.